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What makes this shelter great?


Simply put HALO saves lives. They, as many shelters need to be, are a no-kill shelter trying desperately to save the lives of so many animals who otherwise would be euthanized at the Maricopa County Animal Control in Phoenix, AZ. They reach out to the community through there website, emails and many adoption events to both educate the public on spaying and neutering your pets, supporting adoption versus buying your pet, the ineffectiveness of labeling bad breeds along with the cruelties of circuses and many other subjects the public needs to know. By increasing their funds with this grant, they can do more and save more lives, such a great thing to do.

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I'm a mom to 3 HALO kitties! They are simply the best kitties... and I would think that is because each of them were touched AND SAVED by HALO Animal Rescue. My first, Boo, was saved when she was just over a year old and was a special companion to my older kitty who just lost her long time companion. My second, Charlie, was saved as a squirrely crazy kitten. And my third, Chance, was saved - big time - at age 4, after his family of 4 years turned him into the shelter! Thank You HALO for saving all my kids and the countless others you have saved over the years and the thousands more to be saved in the future! Bless you all for your hard work!

by cbpets
over 3 years ago | Reply

i volunteer & donate as much as I can afford to this fantastic organization!

by sylvia.nobel3
over 3 years ago | Reply

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