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The Humane Society of Delaware County works hard every day to help animals and people have better lives. HSDC spays or neuters, vaccinates and microchips all cats and dogs before they go to their forever homes. The same services are provided at low costs for owned pets. Owners are educated on the importance of spaying and neutering. Cruelty and neglect investigations sometimes end with surrendered animals needing socializing and medical care. Often education and supplies are all that is needed to improve the situation. When it is necessary to remove animals from bad situations the staff and volunteer foster families care for these animals as if they are their own until they are ready for their forever home. Horses and barnyard animals are also in our program. Residents who run out of pet food can come pick up enough to make it to the next check.HSDC is changing perceptions on the importance of spaying and neutering and caring for animals. HSDC deserves a $10,000 grant to continue.

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The Humane Society of Delaware County offers all different kinds of service options for the animals of Delaware County. A spay and neuter clinic as well as the continued care for the animals. A pet food supply pantry service for any community member who wants to keep their pets in their home but sometimes struggles with the financial aspect of caring for their pets. An humane agent is on call 24 hours a day. Humane education and volunteer training classes are offered every week.

We have a strong community outreach program that also offers new dog / cat houses and bedding materials for the outside pets that need the extra protection from the weather elements. An equine foster program that offers help for not only the horses but area livestock.

A caring staff and volunteer base that is always willing to help out with any given situation.

HSDC has a broad connection with other import rescue groups and county shelters.

HSDC has a great group of supporter's - tried and true and the shelter couldn't offer or operate these services with out the generous donations from all these folks who have supported this shelter for almost 40 years!

HSDC could use the $10,000 grant to continue on with all these important services and shelter improvements. Most importantly for the protection and care of the animals who need these services the most in Delaware County.

by Roxie Ames
over 3 years ago | Reply

The Humane Society of Delaware County's humane services go above and beyond for animals in need. Recently, one of the humane agents brought together a team of 6 people to help rescue a cat in a tree when all other rescue attempts failed. Someone nailed wood planks to the tree, then a tree climber put on his spikes to go up the rest of the extremely tall tree. From there, they rigged a humane live trap to a "V" in the tree and ran a pulled cable down. The cat soon came in off the the very flimsy branch to reach the safety of the trap. Once inside, the kity received a trolly-car ride down to its owner. HSDC's Humane agents have also braved a frozen lake to rescue a dog that had fallen through the ice; crawled underneath a wrecked car on a busy road to rescue a cat trapped in the engine block; tore apart some horse stalls with crowbars to remove horses confined there for years; and even rescued a 20-foot python from the ductwork of a home under construction.

by misty.bay.50
over 3 years ago | Reply

Recently, the Humane Society of Delaware County rescued dogs from a home in Delaware County where there were about 2 dozen dogs in a home and then the following week answered a call from a place in Tennessee where 100 dogs were living inside a house. Most of the Tennessee dogs have heart worm disease. The staff and some volunteers are working patiently to help these dogs adjust to life where they are loved and appreciated as one rather than a herd. As the dogs slowly warm up the staff feels their reward. It is a beautiful thing.

by judy.orahood
over 3 years ago | Reply

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