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The Mission of the Peninsula SPCA is to advocate and provide for the humane care and welfare of animals. The SPCA is committed to finding a loving home for every orphaned pet in the community. They accept thousands of homeless animals every year regardless of age, health, temperament, or species. The Peninsula SPCA goes above expectations by encouraging the community to adopt while also providing fun actives to participate in with pet companions.
Currently, the SPCA have teamed up with Busch Gardens Williamsburg and are offering two free day ticket to Busch Gardens with every pet adoption. The SPCA also hold community events like "dog washs", "5K paws for the cause walk" and "music by the lake". These activities are just a few ways the Peninsula SPCA is encouraging people in the Hampton Roads area to become active with the furry friend while supporting animal adoption. The peninsula SPCA is not just about adoption they are about community, support, and wellness.

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