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What makes this shelter great?


They are an amazing organization which focuses on the future of animals through their meaningful, State-recognized Humane Education Program which provides instruction to children monthly throughout Hampton Roads.
It is the goal that the VBSPCA will "increase the community's capacity for compassion while decreasing its tolerance for cruelty." This mission is met by targeting children who will help propel animal welfare to where it needs to be in the future.
Along with that, thousands of animals are placed into homes, thousands of wild animals are rehabilitated, and everyone is better because of the organization.

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The VBSPCA is an amazing facility with very caring people! Today our family adopted 'Aven,' an extremely shy Chihuahua mix. She is our third rescue from the shelter. Even after the adoption was complete, a staff member who had been working with Aven took the time to sit down and tell us about the training and work she had done with her. SHE thanked US for adopting her and said how happy she was to know Aven was going to such a patient, loving home that would work with her to socialize her and show her life can be ok! It is quite obvious the care that is given to the animals at the VB SPCA is fantastic and goes beyond basics! I hope Purina picks the VB SPCA facility to award the grant to -- they deserve it and will put it to good use!

by Kaysmiles
over 3 years ago | Reply

TAKE THE CHALLENGE! They moved to 10th place since yesterday! YOU CAN VOTE 1X EACH DAY until August 20th!! On FB, Tag at least 10 ANIMAL LOVER friends (or call or email them!) to vote for a really great organization and take the challenge too!! If each of us get 10 friends to vote daily- it could make a huge difference!!


If you
watch the video for Virginia Beach SPCA's Idea -it'll make you cry- they are in the running to win $10K- There are 3 days left and all you have to do is go the link- sign up and vote for their idea! IMAGINE what they can do with $10K- it takes 1 minute to vote for a great cause and help them out- LET'S DO IT! LINK: http://purina.maker.good.is/projects/Lifesaving?sort=34

by enephoto
over 3 years ago | Reply

I volunteer at VBSPCA, and I love it! It is awesome and it deserves the money to continue being a non-kill shelter.

by shylamarharyta
over 3 years ago | Reply

We have fostered many a dog from the VB SPCA. Love the people that work there and support this operation. I only wish I was independently wealthy and could bankroll the whole thing.

But what I can't do, YOU can help by voting for the VB SPCA's quality programs and compassionate staff. Vote today to help them with their mission....

by SPCAsRock
over 3 years ago | Reply

Most people don't know that the ASPCA is NEW YORK only, and that NO other SPCA gets any funding from any of those commercials. The VB SPCA is independent and gets NO FUNDING from the city, government, period. They have to fundraise to keep their place running. This $10,000 would help them fund some of their programs, but much more $$$$ is needed. Don't get me wrong I'm saying, it would be a God send to win this $, but I don't want people to think that this would solve all of their problems. There are animals brought in daily, wildlife, strays, wounded, etc. I thank God every day for the wonderful staff, volunteers and donations for the VB SPCA. Without the whole TEAM, there would be no VB SPCA. Thank you! Vote every day please.

by janice.hart
over 3 years ago | Reply

I applaud Janice Hart for her pointing out the common misconception - ASPCA is not a blanket funding source for all the SPCA shelters throughout the land. Your local shelter has to make ends meet day in and day out - and without the funds to hire big time talent to make national ads. But the VB SPCA is blessed to have its people. As Janice said, "thank God every day for the wonderful staff, volunteers and donations for the VB SPCA."

There are some things money can't buy...and the VB SPCA has a SURPLUS of good-hearted volunteers and compassionate staff. Thank you all.

by jay.gendron.9
over 3 years ago | Reply

I really want to applaud Janice Hart for her input about a common misunderstanding. The ASPCA is not a blanket funding source for all the local shelters...they exist on their on in this regard - making ends meet day in an day out. As Janice said, "thank God every day for the wonderful staff, volunteers and donations for the VB SPCA." - there are some things money can't buy!

Please vote for the VB SPCA cause.

by jay.gendron.9
over 3 years ago | Reply

i love all aspca organizations. they are the "bomb". the volunteers are incredibly hard working.............

by cecilia.larriu
over 3 years ago | Reply

vbspca has some amazing workers there in the medical clinic where I have taken a stray kitten to get a check-up and all his shots plus neutering. They have been most helpful in all aspects of kitten health and rearing.. Idefinetely vote for them as 1st place. Thanks to everyone there.

by tangotrudy
over 3 years ago | Reply

The Virginia Beach SPCA is a top-notch organization with Amazing People, Superb internal approaches, and a true respect for the limited resources they shepherd. My family and I have fostered a good number of dogs and I've always been impressed with their balance of compassion for animals (and people) as well as their objective approach to managing their operations. The VB SPCA is a GOLD STANDARD in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia for how animal shelters should be run. They have a very tight budget, but their DYNAMIC staff is always coming up with new and progressive ideas to engage with the community through outreach, increase the number of volunteers, and continue to secure precious resources to help the animals. A vote for the VB SPCA is a vote for a GOOD organization that has all the right ingredients to become GREAT!

by jay.gendron.9
over 3 years ago | Reply

The VBSPCA is a progressive animal shelter which truly cares about the community and its animals. It is wonderful that Purina highlights organizations like the Beach SPCA!

by amy.mcnally
over 3 years ago | Reply

In August 2011, after Hurricane Irene passed through Virginia Beach, we found a kitten wandering in a parking lot. She was obviously malnourished and had an injury to her front leg. We kept her at the house for 2 days, but quickly realized that she would need professional help. We took her to the VBSPCA and asked what could be done. The staff vet examined her; at an estimated 8 weeks old she weighed just 5 ounces, had a potentially fatal infection in the front leg, and wouldn't have lasted another month in the wild. We wanted to adopt her and the VBSPCA made all the necessary arrangements to nurse her back to health. The staff and volunteers at the VBSPCA treated us and the kitten with the utmost care and respect. They are a close-knit "family" and they all welcomed us into their family. One year later we have a healthy, happy, completely spoiled cat, who gives as much love as she gets. We couldn't have done it without the staff and volunteers at the VBSPCA.

by prsimek1959
over 3 years ago | Reply

When our family was ready for a new fur-baby, we traveled around the entire Tidewater Region, going to every pound, humane society, shelter, and SPCA in the greater area...traveling up to 40 miles from our home to visit some. The VB SPCA was by far the very best shelter we've ever been to. It was the cleanest, the dogs and cats had more space for themselves, and the animals just seemed happier. It was so touching, that after we adopted our dog, I started volunteering. The shelter staff and volunteers are so well organized. The animals are always treated like family members while in the shelter, because they are family members...of the VB SPCA. Years have gone by now and I miss being part of such a wonderful and rewarding organization. VOTE VB SPCA - you'll get your money's worth!

by jen.s.carter
over 3 years ago | Reply

Love the VBSPCA! They are the gold standard in animal care and innovative and "ahead of the pack" when it comes to animal welfare!

by rbcamasters
over 3 years ago | Reply

They are amazing ,loving helpful group there doing wonderful things for all the animals.

by tara.currymeadecoons
over 3 years ago | Reply

The VBSPCA is a special place for special animals. Our family lives close to the shelter and we enjoy visiting the animals. The animals are treated with love and respect. The shelter has an awesome volunteer program that allows young adults to come to care for the animals, clean their homes and give lots of TLC. With the $10,000, the can do even more for so many more furry friends.

by kelly.hormuth
over 3 years ago | Reply

The VBSPCA is an amazing organization filled with giving gracious people. They recently purchased new housing for their cats which has almost completely eliminated URI in the shelter. This is just one of the many costly investments they have made for the good of the animals in their care. With this $10,000 they do even more.

by cindy.gendron.50
over 3 years ago | Reply

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