Palm Springs Animal Shelter, Palm Springs, CA

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What makes this shelter great?


The new shelter uses Green technology to heat floor for the dogs, the cat room has tons of window sills designed to show off the cats and the perches allow the cats to sleep in the sunlight too. The cat wing is completely separate from the dog wing, so the cat side is quiet and spacios with beautiful light streaming in. The outdoor meeting areas for people meeting a dog for the first time offers private fenced in areas with grass so the dogs can feel comfortable when meeting new people. All of the above examples illustrate how the people prioritized creating environments that will show off each animal to the max. When you step into this shelter, it feels more like a board and care than a traditional shelter. The bright colored walls w/dog and cat illustrations on the walls. There is no strong smell of cleaning products. They are hosting adoption days often. They had to take in pets from our less fortunate shelters too. This $$ would be a great help as this shelter is working overtime.

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