Camden County Animal Shelter in Blackwood, NJ

idea by mpertuit2003

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What makes this shelter great?


When I read this about this grant, I immediately thought of the Camden County Shelter where I have been volunteering now for a year at one of the shelter's branches. This shelter has affected me so deeply that when I retire next year, I plan on donating more time. I always picture the faces of these animals - the look of unconditional love - " Will I have to stay in this cage forever without a home?" Shelter animals are totally dependent on what we do for them, and the shelter is where they receive their hope for life. This branch has set a record of the most adopted felines in south Jersey averaging about 30 cats a month. Their goal is to place 350 cats in six weeks, but recently a tragedy happened - a cat contacted a contagious disease; all of the cats had to be put down! There is now a concern that others at the main branch have been exposed to this disease and might have to be put down. This grant would help this shelter "get back on their feet" and keep up their good work!

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I have been looking at the comments written by other people. I strongly feel that the prize should go to a shelter who REALLY needs it. Anyone who understands what goes into a shelter knows how much money and effort is needed. There is no glitz or movie star endorsements to depend upon at these regular shelters. Just look into the eys of these poor, abandoned animals who might be lucky and get a new home, or they might not. PLEASE vote for a shelter who really needs the money and food.This is what it is really all about. Any avid animal lover will know this.

by mpertuit2003
over 3 years ago | Reply

Animal Shelters is important. Why would a civil world put to death rescued pets when there are thousands of people who want a companian to love them when they come home - no mater how bad the day was - they still love us!

by DarrylHaynes2
over 3 years ago | Reply

This is a good shelter. I got my dog, Zoe, from them. She was with us for twelve years. Vote and share this link with your friends!

by jersy_grl
over 3 years ago | Reply

I am so concerned about this shelter and their future ofthis disease affecting them!

by mpertuit2003
over 3 years ago | Reply

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