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Humane Society of Greater Miami

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I nominate the Humane Society of Greater Miami. They are on track to find homes for 3,000 homeless pets in 2012. I have never seen an organization go to the lengths they do to make sure the pets are healthy, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped before putting up for adoption. They separate strays for 10 days in a quarantine building to make sure they are not sick. Their cats and kittens are in all the Pet Supermarkets in the county. So far they have found homes for an additional 808 cats and kittens through this partnership. They also rescue 100 animals a month from Miami-Dade Animal Services. Whatever they can do to reduce the number of euthanasias, they do. They organized a 24-hour adoption event and with other rescue groups they adopted 288 animals. It was so successful, they are already planning the next one where they want to find homes for 600 pets. Adoptions are what it is all about for this limited admit Humane Society. They also won the Best Charity 2012 award!

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Im really sorry I didn't see this on time and sorry they didn't get my vote on time. Needless to say I would of voted for Humane Society of Greater Miami. They took in 4 kittens from a stray cat I have in my back yard and found them homes within month's. I was given a voucher for the litter exchange program they offer to spay the mother cat for free. How awesome and humanitarian is that organization! In my eyes they are the best and thats what makes HS Of Greater Miami A Great Shelter!!

by materva
over 3 years ago | Reply

I vote for Humane Society of Greater Miami because they are doing a great job of keeping pets safe in our area and finding them loving homes. They definitely have my vote!

by loveohnine
over 3 years ago | Reply

I am not a specialist about this cause im a kid but if they recieve the $10,000 they should create a larger shelter because you ask so that they could rescue injured,abused,lonely animals not only dogs but cats as well and if they have extra money left over they could buy better materials and maybe have like a back yard so the animals can play and go outside there cages i know its not the best idea but i mean if it helps create better ideas like the animals would be happier

by iloveanimals34
over 3 years ago | Reply

The humane society of greater Miami is an amazing place. I remember counting down the years since I was about 6 years old to be able to be old enough to volunteer at any animal shelter. When I turned 16 I heard about the HSGM and it was love at first sight. I volunteered there for two years straight until I left for college and it just brought so much joy into my life being in such a positive and caring environment, and knowing I was making such a big impact on all those adorable little faces. They really are not your average shelter, besides the fact that the facilities are always clean and in tip top shape the staff all really cares. I was there long enough to see first hand how if they couldn't accept an animal off the street because of limited spacing, the staff themselves would volunteer to foster the animal until space opened up. So I honestly do believe they deserve to win this money because even though they have a lot of good things going for them, with 10,000 dollars they could do so much more. The HSGM has amazing numbers when it comes to adopting out animals and rescuing from kill shelters, they could save so much more if they win.

by awesometrumpet
over 3 years ago | Reply

We got a great dog from the HS in Miami. We like to get dogs who are already house trained, and the HSGM had a really special 18 month old dog who returns our love.

Thanks HSGM!

by GreigDa
over 3 years ago | Reply

Like dolliethebrat, the HSGM saved me. When I arrived in Miami a year ago, everything I owned was stolen and I ended up in a shelter. I had hit a really low point and was so depressed. I had had to leave my precious dog, Caesar, back in Ohio when I left and never felt so alone. I began volunteering at the HS and found a reason to keep going. Going there on a regular basis (sometimes every day) gave me something to look forward to...all those beautiful faces just needing love, just like me. Volunteering with this organization was a joy. The staff are so helpful, friendly and knowledgable and helped me learn more about all kinds of dogs. I can't think of a better organization to receive this reward!

by MsOhio
over 3 years ago | Reply

I LOVE this organization. I started volunteering last April. HSGM strive to have their dogs and cats adopted. They have events after events, bringing dogs and cats along with them to find their FURR-EVER home. I volunteered for different organizations, but I have to say that I loved volunteering for the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Their employees are so dedicated to the well being of the animals they have in their care. I love their NO-KILL policies. Whatever dogs or cats they save from other animal service organization, these dogs and cats are guaranteed to find a good home. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!

by sweetp01
over 3 years ago | Reply

I used to volunteer in their Outreach programmes before I moved out of the country. They do the best job of promoting the shelter and dogs. All shelters should model this one. Keep up the great weork!!

by shellene.wyrick
over 3 years ago | Reply

I apologize for the length but this is an amazing, and necessary story...

I can't begin to explain how HS of greater Miami SAVED My Life.. Not even Dollie, the Mini Dachshund I Spontaniously adopted. (Her name was Nalda for those staff who may remember her-she's an unforgettable dog I'm told) I had never owned a dog, never had any desire to own a dog until one day, as my dad says "We went for a Burrito, and we ended up with a hot dog we couldn't eat!" we were getting Mexican.. And decided to check out an event for a restaurant opening next door. The humane society was there with 4-5 dogs, Dollie being one, and it was just instant love. I rescued her on a whim. Knew nothing about dogs, didn't even know what breed she was-Love at first sigh (seriously). The shelter was awesome, made sure we had everything and had her ready to go when we came in. It was so clean, and everyone as very helpful and friendly! Not only that, but they were stocked with everything I'd ever need to bring my dog home from leashes and collars, to food and toys, even their own machine to make a brand new dog tag! I was amazed!

I grew up with cats, never in my life did I Not have one, bringing Dollie home was an entirely different life style. I wasn't lying when I said she saved my life.. My dad and I were living in Miami temporarily so I could await a transplant. At that point I was the sickest I'd ever been. Living in a new huge city, with no friends, nothing to do and not knowing anybody is bad enough, let alone needing a new liver to boot. But when I got Dollie, yea I was still sick, in a strange city with no one I know but my dad.. But suddenly it wasn't so bad. She gave us plenty to do! Walks, go to the beach, take her to the park, even just go for a drive bc she loves the car! She made me the happiest I've eve been pre surgery in my life. She gave me a reason to keep fighting for my life, and most importantly, she gave me the friend I needed when I was at my worst, which kept that smile on my face everyday, while not even knowing what my future will bring.

When your living your life not knowing if you'll receive a life saving transplant... Or in Dollie's case.. Not knowing whether you'll be found, and taken home to a good family is the worst feeling ever. I was like her, stuck. When we met, it was like we just understood each other. She knew what I wanted, and I, her. There were days when I was so sick I laid in bed all day, and she'd lie right with me, right next to me, cuddling. My dad would try to take her out, and she would fight and fight, she kept running back and into bed with me.. She knew I was sick and all she wanted to do was take care of me, she wouldn't even eat or pee, all day!! Who new this tiny 14 lb ball of fur could have sooo much love in her! By meeting each other at the worst and loneliest time in our respective lives, we were able to stick together and form a bond that is so strong it's impenetrable, and thus, save each others life...

Now, two years later (and post-surgery) she is the happiest (and most spoiled) pup I know. Not only did she save my life, but she kept me fighting through a year and a half of a very, very complicated rehabilitation that was full of infections that caused not only severe pain, ER visits and hospitals stays but also resulted in a separation from each other. Just knowing she was there waiting for me, was what kept me fighting (again, truly and honestly) and what kept me from severe depression and almost giving up...

She is more than just a dog, mote than just a pet, and even more than a just a friend..what we went through and experienced, together, can never be replicated. We have an attachment that has left us inseparable. She is my Angel. She is the love of my life, and I to her. She refuses to let me leave the house without her, she loves coming out with me doing errands, and even just waiting for me in the car! She sleeps in my arms, and sits on my lap-all day long, and she just fits in my arms and belongs in my lap. We were made for each other. I am blessed to have found her.

It's a FACT. The only reason I have her today is because of the HS of GM. Not just them being open and having cared for Dollie, but also for them doing such things as attending a grand opening event-in my case of a restaurant. The HS is a great place full of wonderful volunteers as well a employees! If it werent for them working as hard as they do, these events could, and would never happen. The Society is very successful because by having special events (the 24hr adopt-a-thon to name another) they would lose the opportunity to bring dogs in need, and put them on display in a neutral environment so that random Passerbys-like me, someone who would never have thought of rescuing a dog before-can take one look at a dog, have her fall asleep in your arms while you hold her for the first time, and find an instant partner for the rest of their (my) life.

The HS could do so much more with this money, I encourage everyone to vote and to spread the word so tthey can do for others what they did for me! Save the lives of one little furry Aminal and whoever makes the smart decision to bring one home, and vote for them. Also, have everyone you know vote too!

I am In a life debt to the Humane Society of Greater Miami I myself try to donate to them when I can. I feel I am in a life debt to the HS, and I try and donate when I can, (and I have since moved back to MA). I have the same life debt to the HS, as the Wookie Chewbacca owes to Han Solo for Han saving his life.. Because that's what the did for me! :)

If you want to checkout more of what Dollie and I went through, check out my group "Amanda's Road To Recovery" on Facebook!

And don't forget to vote!
Thanks so much for reading, sorry again for the length...

by DollietheBrat
over 3 years ago | Reply

i was really impressed by hs of greater miami and it remains the best animal shelter i've ever seen. this place is not your average depressing, always moist, overwhelmingly smelly animal shelter. it's rather a bright, well-run and positive place with rooms for dogs and not a reliance on cages. i adopted my dog from there a few years ago with the help of an associate who showed me to a dog that fit my personality. she was so right and i think a place with that kind of staff deserves as much support as they can get. hs of greater miami sets the bar.

by gyps
over 3 years ago | Reply

I cant think of a better shelter than HS of Greater Miami. I adopted two kittens from the shelter and they have been a wonderful addition to my life.

by anapetrovich
over 3 years ago | Reply

I cant think of a better shelter than HS of Greater Miami. I adopted two kittens from the shelter and they have been a wonderful addition to my life.

by anapetrovich
over 3 years ago | Reply

We adopted our 2 pups from the Humane Society of Greater Miami last year. Our pups were healthy and happy when we adopted them. One of them was a resident there for over 6 mos. he adjusted to home life really well, a tribute to the excellent work they do. They walk every dog daily, give them time in the fenced play yard and treat them with love and care while they are there. I have referred several people to this fine organization and believe no one does it better than them. Great job!

by debi.breslin
over 3 years ago | Reply

this place treats animals with much love attention and care. I adopted from here before!

by beevee
over 3 years ago | Reply

I love this shelter. Its clean. I love the way they treat animals!!

by jessica.manresa
over 3 years ago | Reply

I adopted my Riley from there. The volunteers are incredible!

by kardorn
over 3 years ago | Reply

I love this place, the way they treat the animals is super.I help there everytime I can I even adopted a cat there and now I'm fostering also!!

by silvana
over 3 years ago | Reply

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