Second Chance Animal Shelter

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Second Chance Animal Shelter

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What makes this shelter great?


Second Chance was founded to make sure every animal has a chance at a forever home, too many animals were being sent for euthanasia instead of being cared for and re-homed. Now through education and hard work this shelter finds new homes for hundreds of animals each year. Their wellness programs help families get their animals spayed or neutered and helps control the pet population through grants and educational information. They are out in all the local communities offering vaccine clinics and information and they provide transportation to our clinic for low cost spay and neuters. Their application process works hard to ensure each animal goes to a home that will love them and care for them for the rest of their lives. The staff and volunteers work very hard to ensure as many animals as possible find new homes quickly and safely. I believe this shelter has a great future helping our area and expanding to even more communities.

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Second Chance is a blessing for God's creatures big and small. They provide all types of services for their animals, they house them, train them, take care of their immediate needs whether it be health related or just simply a good cleaning. They go way beyond the call of duty to provide the best services for the animals and their owners through low cost for clinics to have their animals spay and neutered and even for their vaccines. It is truly an amazing job they are doing. They deserve all the help they can get to continue to excel in their efforts...Please choose to help this shelter as this is as good as it gets in the care and welfare of owners and animals. Thank you.

by pat.sadowsky
over 3 years ago | Reply

Second Chance does so much for the community, including pet owners, feral cats, abandoned animals and other rescues and shelters. I am proud to vote for them.

by joychambers
over 3 years ago | Reply

This shelter is not just about adopting out animals, it is about education. Second Chance reaches out in the community to help with high quality low cost spay/neuter to prevent overpopulation, educational programs in the schools to help teach children the importance of pet care, a pet food pantry to provide pet food for needy pet owners so that the pets can stay in their homes during tough economic times, and more. It is about how to keep pets out of shelters.

by 2chance
over 3 years ago | Reply

Cannot beat $20 August Pit Fix at Second Chance

by doggylove
over 3 years ago | Reply

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