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Josie is Quincy Animal Shelter's resident Energizer Bunny- her ears perk straight up like a bunny and she has unquenchable energy! Many people find this endearing in puppies, but here’s the dilemma: Josie is a pit bull. Those who work with pit bulls know they face more prejudices than most dogs. Josie's full of life, but some potential adopters mistake her pep for aggression, and she’s had a hard time getting adopted. So, QAS's canine team came up with the idea for Team Josie, a group of volunteers who follow a regular training plan with Josie twice a day. They work tirelessly using positive reinforcement clicker training to teach leash manners, social interaction, and basic commands, all to increase Josie's chances of being adopted. Because of their extra dedication, there’s been a tremendous shift in her behavior, and she now responds to commands and is learning to contain her excitement. Thanks to Team Josie's hard work, we know Josie's forever family is just around the corner!

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I love our cat Eddie that we got from the shelter! He completes our family

by lori.e.robbins
over 3 years ago | Reply

Awwww ....

by paris-good
over 3 years ago | Reply

For a small shelter they try to do a lot of good for the community: spay/neuter programs, rabies clinics, etc... The shelter, being no kill, invests a lot into helping sick animals, as well as really work with ones with behavior issues.

by mare71
over 3 years ago | Reply

Friends come and go. At QAS’s no-kill shelter, the homeless animals who take up residency all have different stories coming in, but they all leave with a new set of friends who have cared for them and encouraged them—this gives them the positive enforcement they need for the next stages in their lives.

Whether it’s a pit bull who was abandoned or cat surrendered by an owner, all animals at QAS receive the same treatment: They’re housed in a clean and safe environment; are fed healthy meals; have playtime with volunteers; and most importantly, get a second chance at life.

QAS volunteers enjoy seeing the progress of their furry friends, but most importantly, they love seeing them go because it means they’ve found a forever home.

by Liz Goodwin
over 3 years ago | Reply

Our family has experienced nothing but the best from the QAS when adopting our dogs. Their dedication to these animals is second to none! This story is just one of many that come from the wonderful people who volunteer for this great shelter! We hope you win!

by maureen.ann.5
over 3 years ago | Reply

Our pit bull is the LOVE of my family's life! Any family would be lucky to have Josie as part of theirs!!

by kerry.scanlancostello
over 3 years ago | Reply

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