Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge

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Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge

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Kenneled dogs are desperate to engage a human, and will thump tails, bark and jump to do so. Not this small bulldog mix, not Sadie. She sat still and silent locked on me with amazing honey colored eyes. She had an unfortunate and unsightly prolapse from her heat cycle, carried a rear leg and was woefully underweight. The constant chaos in an overcrowded animal shelter was no place for this injured pup….Sadie healed as I fostered her in my home. She was silly but well mannered, housetrained- and deaf. She is in her forever home now, a freckled nose vision with a shiny white coat over ample hips. Obedience trained to hand signals, Sadie never misses a sign because her golden eyes are always, always watching….Companion Animal Alliance (CAA) is a private 501(3)c that operates the animal shelter where I met Sadie in East Baton Rouge Parish with an open intake policy admitting 20-25 animals/day. External funding would allow CAA to expand its fledgling foster program.

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I love ALL organizations for Animal Welfare- HOWEVER if you want to vote for the shelter that needs this money the most, PLEASE vote for CAA- We have an unbelievably large war to win against Animal over population- The funds would go DIRECTLY to the animals and improving their lives at the shelter- Please Please vote for CAA- They need it most-

by jodigolden
over 3 years ago | Reply

This shelter has a lot of heart, but not a lot of money. Please help us implement programs to save the many dogs and cats that must otherwise be euthanized each year. We REALLY want "No Kill" status, but that takes funding. p.s. I know Sadie and this little piglet of a dog is one of the cutest things ever. Thank goodness someone was able to correctly interpret her wiggles and see how highly adoptable she was. Please help us save the other Sadies that the uneducated and/or impoverished members of our community dump on our shelter!

by Renee Bacher
over 3 years ago | Reply

The work this shelter does is so loving and heartwarming ! They are out caring for, and finding "forever homes" for the animals of our parish. Please cast your vote so they can eontinue to expand their wonderful programs ! Sadie and I thank you for your vote !!!

by denise.heroman
over 3 years ago | Reply

I am the lucky person who gets to come home to my precious Sadie everyday. Had it not been for the foster program, It would have been extremely difficult for Sadie to recover in the shelter. With overcrowded conditions, the foster program offers our dogs a much better chance at adoption. I have seen dogs withering from months of shelter life transformed in just a few weeks in a loving foster home.

by mcarson
over 3 years ago | Reply

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